Therapy sessions

Therapy sessions are held either on a weekly or fortnightly basis and usually go for 45-50minutes. Goals are set discussed with the family at the initial appointment and discussed with other relevant health/ education professionals.

Therapy sessions are usually individual sessions with the parent and the child where a variety of activities are conducted to target goals and demonstrate how to work on these goals at home. Home practice activities are provided for families to maximise your child’s learning of the new skills.

Areas that Speech Pathologists assist with are:

Language skills

Understanding for example following instructions, answering questions, story comprehension.
Expressive language for example our vocabulary use, grammar use, ability to ask questions and tell stories.

Speech/ Articulation

Articulation is the way that we pronounce words using the correct sounds.

Social Skills

Are the ability to make friends, use appropriate body language and facial expressions and use appropriate conversational skills.


Stuttering is when you have difficulties using fluent, clear speech with out getting ‘stuck’ in sounds/ words.

Parent Education

Developing parent’s skills to help them better understand their children’s difficulties and what they can do at home to assist with this. Usually we run programs from Hanen (It Takes Two to Talk and More than Words)